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15 Foods That Combat Rosacea Symptoms

15 Foods That Combat Rosacea Symptoms


While certain foods can cause the symptoms of rosacea to flare-up, eating the right foods can reduce the visible signs of this common skin condition.

Thousands Of people Suffer From This Condition And Symptoms Include:

  •  Redness in the face, especially around the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin areas.
  • The appearance of blood vessels on the surface of the skin.
  •  Irritation of the eyes leading to the excessive production of tears.
  •  Pimples that are often confused with acne.

spicy foodSpicy and acidic foods as well as alcohol and hot drinks should be avoided. These are called triggers that increase the appearance of the symptoms. Alkaline foods on the other hand minimize the presentation of rosacea.

It is important to understand that an acid balance in the gastrointestinal tract is the aim of a diet for rosacea. There are two ways to achieve this balance – by eliminating acidic foods or foods that cause acid production or by introducing alkaline foods that reduce the acidity.

For Fast Results, It Is Advisable To Take Both Courses Of Action. Foods To Avoid Are:

  •  Foods that contain chillies or other spices.
  • Foods that are particularly high in acid such as citrus fruit and grapes.
  •  Carbohydrates or starchy foods that require a large amount of acid production to be digested.
  • Red meat that also causes acid production in the stomach.
  • Junk food that contains artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives.
  •  Food that has a high sugar or salt content.
  • Milk, cheese and other dairy products.

The list may seem extensive and leave you with few dietary options. Keep in mind that the objective is to achieve a balance and once a state of equilibrium between acid and alkaline is achieved, some foods may be re-introduced that will be counteracted by an increased consumption of alkaline foods.

Here Are 15 Alkaline Foods That Will Help Restore a Balance:

1. Vegetables

vegetablesThis is the most important addition to your diet. Vegetables contain high amounts of fiber that allow the body to dispose of waste faster.

They are easily broken down in the digestive tract and are a great source of nutrients that lead to a healthier body and skin.

Just about all types of vegetables promote alkalinity in the body but especially sprouts, salad greens, lima beans and potatoes.

2. Fruit

Fruit contains simple sugars that are easily metabolized by the body. This simply means that the sugar is quickly turned into energy that is used by the body. Food with complex sugars or carbohydrates, take longer to digest and should be avoided. Berries are important as they contain a vascular constrictor that minimizes the appearance of blood vessels on the skin.

It is still essential to be wary of fruits that have a acid content. Citrus is especially high risk as it is not only high in acid but produces histamines that pronounce rosacea symptoms.

3. Probiotics

Optimal digestion requires a high amount of ‘good’ bacteria to be present in the gut. The bacteria aids in the digestive process and eliminates ‘bad’ bacteria that causes illness and disease such as rosacea. The ‘good’ bacteria also helps the body fight disease.

A good, natural source of probiotics is yogurt. While yogurt is part of the dairy family that should be avoided, it contains active cultures that assist in digestion as well as increase the ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive tract. If you find that yogurt is a trigger, probiotic supplements in pill form can be taken.

Not all types of yogurt contain live cultures, so be sure to read the label before eating this dairy product which could have a negative impact.

4. Red Meat

Red meatRed meat is tough for the body to digest meaning that an increased amount of stomach acid is required to break down the food.

However, it is one of the first foods that can be reintroduced when following an alkaline diet as an increased.

Intake of fruit and vegetables will balance the acid production. Remember that the amount of fruit and vegetables you consume should always outweigh the amount of red meat that you eat to achieve a balance.

5. Water

Fizzy drinks, drink mixes and alcohol should be replaced with water. Water assists in the absorption of essential nutrients and aids with optimal waste disposal. Water also neutralizes acidity and helps flush toxins from the system. Good hydration is key to combating the symptoms of rosacea.

Fruit juice should also be avoided. Drinking fruit juice means that you are consuming all the sugar and acid in a concentrated form without the fiber necessary to achieve a balance. Flavored and carbonated water should also be avoided.

6. Grains

Most Grains Are Complex Carbohydrates That Should Be Eliminated From Your Diet. These Include:

  •  Wheat. This includes all bread, cakes, biscuits, cookies and every other food that contains wheat products.
  •  Rice. However, brown or red rice can be beneficial.
  • Pasta. Even wholewheat or brown pasta is not recommended as it contains wheat.
  • Cereals contain a multitude of nuts and grains that are not ideally suited to an alkaline diet.

These carbohydrates can be replaced with millet or quinoa which will not disrupt the acid-base balance.

7. Chicken

chickenSteamed or grilled chicken is easy to digest and is a great source of protein, especially when you are eliminating red meat from your diet.

Stay away from processed chicken products as these contain high amounts of salt, fats and preservatives that will negatively impact your diet.

8. Fish

Not all types of fish are suited to an alkaline diet. It is advisable to stick to fish that is sourced from a cold water environment including salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring and halibut. Stay away from white fish. Fish is another great source of protein an contains essential omega oils that are ideal for improving digestion.

9. Nuts

There is some confusion as to whether nuts help or hinder the alkaline diet. Stay away from roasted nuts and rather choose raw nuts. Nuts are a great source of natural oil that aid digestion but should not be eaten in excess.

10. Seeds

Once again, seeds can either be beneficial or detrimental to the ideal acid-base balance, depending on the amount and type of seeds that you eat. Stick to raw seeds and keep in mind that they should form only a small part of your diet. Seeds and nuts are a great replacement for snack foods but should not be eaten in excess.

Flax seed oil contains probiotics and is great for flushing toxins from the body. However, you cannot cook with this oil and it should only be ingested in it’s raw state.

11. Nutritional Supplements

nutritional supplementsVitamins and minerals are essential to the optimal functioning of the human body. Following an alkaline diet should provide you with most of the essential nutrients that you require.

However, it is advisable to supplement you diet with a good vitamin and mineral supplement. It is recommended that you consult your doctor about the type of supplements that are best suited to you.

Multivitamins sometimes contain too little nutrients or too many which leads to a higher level of waste that needs to be removed from the body.

12. Cooked Foods

Food that is cooked is much easier to digest than raw foods. However, the way in which your food is cooked is important too. Steamed, boiled and blanched foods are far more healthy and fried foods should be avoided at all costs.

Overcooked food is also not good for you as most of the essential nutrients are lost in the cooking process. Fiber, that is so vital in digestion, can also be broken down and not have the desired effect on the digestive process.

The cooking processes relate mainly to your vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. Fruit, nuts and seeds should still be eaten in their raw and natural state.

13. Oil And Fat

While oil and fat should predominantly be avoided, it is necessary to ease the digestive process. Eliminating these entirely from your diet could lead to constipation and other health issues.

Seed oils (except flax seed oil) should be steered clear of while vegetable oils such as olive oil are better for you. Never overheat your oil as this can cause carcinogens to form which is dangerous to your health. Butter and margarine should be eliminated from your diet.

14. Herbs

HerbsHerbs are a great way to enhance the flavor of the food you eat without having the detrimental side effects of spices. Herbal remedies are also available that assist in the digestive process and can be used to supplement your vitamin and mineral intake.

15. Vinegar

Contrary to popular belief, adding vinegar to your diet may not increase acidity. By adding this acid, your body does not feel the need to create more acid. Not all types of vinegar are healthy and apple cider is the most popular choice for an alkaline diet.

Re-introducing Acid Foods

Before you start an alkaline diet, test your acid-base level. pH strips or papers are available at your local pharmacy that test the acidity of your saliva or urine. A balanced pH is around 7.3 on the acid-base scale. Any score below this means that you are alkaline while any score above this means that too much acidity is present.

You should continue testing every couple of days when you start the diet to see the effect of the reduced acidity. Visible signs should come into effect just a couple of weeks after eliminating bad foods and eating alkaline foods.

When you have reached the desirable pH level, you can start re-introducing some of the foods to avoid. You should only introduce one food at a time and keep testing to see the effect that it has on your acid-base score. Foods that raise your pH level should still be avoided while foods that have little or no effect can be eaten.

If The Food You Want To Re-Introduce Is Essential To You (If You Crave It Intensely), But Raises The Acidity, You Can Try The Following:

  • Eatsmaller portions of the food AND/OR
  • Eat more alkaline inducing foods to maintain the balance.

 FoodSome foods will simply be detrimental no matter what you try. Finding healthier replacements for these foods to prevent cravings is the best option in these cases.

Remember that every person is different and foods that boost your acidity may not affect others who suffer from rosacea and poor digestion.