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Best Rosacea OTC Treatments Available

Best Rosacea OTC Treatments Available


A skin condition that is common with people from European descent is called rosacea. This condition is typically seen on those that have a light complexion, freckles, and sometimes red hair. It could be a genetic predisposition toward developing this particular condition, but medical science is not exactly sure why it occurs. There is no known treatment, as there is no specific causative agent, that can be identified when trying to understand the mystery of rosacea.

However, you can go to your physician and talk to them, and they will definitely have some ideas in regard to why your rosacea is occurring, and what you can do for a treatment. If you would prefer not going to the doctor, here is a quick list of the best rosacea OTC treatments that you can get access to by simply going to your local pharmacy or store.

Understanding The Skin Condition Rosacea

RosaceaWhen you have rosacea, there are several characteristics that are very noticeable. First of all, your skin will have a definitive redness, something that will come and go intermittently depending upon the environment and your diet.

It can also lead to the development of nodules on your nose, unsightly bumps that must be surgically removed. It can also damage your eyes if left untreated, leading some people to blurred vision and even blindness.

At the very least, you will notice when a person has this condition that you can see very distinct red blood vessels pulsing under their skin. This condition is actually brought on at a certain age, around 30, and then is triggered very easily through your diet and your environment.

Common Triggers For Rosacea

If you have rosacea, more than likely have triggered its appearance as a result of the food that you eat, the beverages that you drink, and your environment and social life. In regard to your environment, it is very common for people to become extremely red that have rosacea when they are exposed to extremely hot or cold weather. Strong winds can also bring about the condition, and it is possible to have it erupt tanning in the sun.

alcoholUnfortunately, if your employment involves participating outside, or if you enjoy gardening, skiing, or going to the beach, it is a condition that you will simply have to live with.

If your environment is very stressful, and you are drinking an excessive amount of soda and alcohol, the redness will definitely appear. Eating spicy foods like peppers, marinated meats and certain fruits and vegetables can bring about this condition as well.

Treating Rosacea Today

Once you have recognized that you have certain symptoms associated with this skin condition, whether it is redness on your face, the appearance of blood vessels, or you are noticing the development of nodules on your nose, going to your doctor is probably the best step in order to ensure you can get a viable treatment. They will recommend that you should augment your diet as mentioned before, avoiding foods and beverages that can exacerbate the condition.

stress Changing up your social life, and dealing with less stress at work, can also help prevent it from occurring. There are actually medical treatments that can be used including taking antibiotics such as tetracycline.

If you would like to remove the nodules on your nose, or any other area of your upper body where rosacea has struck, there are dermatological vascular lasers, or even pulsed light lasers, that can effectively make these go away.

Best Rosacea OTC Treatment Options

Since rosacea cannot actually be cured, and if it continues to appear even after improving your diet and your environmental conditions, you might want to turn to some over-the-counter treatments which have worked for other people. If you go to your doctor, there are many creams and gels that you can buy that you rub on to the area causing the redness to go away.

metrogelTopical metronidazole is an antibiotic cream, also known as MetroGel, that has rave reviews from those that have used it successfully. Others include clindamycin, erythromycin and brimonidine to name a few.

Over-the-counter creams that work very well include Topricin which is an anti-inflammatory medication that has worked very well for those with rosacea. If you are able to find any product that has sulfur as a primary ingredient, you are also going to get great results.