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Can Low Thyroid Cause Rosacea: The Connection

Can Low Thyroid Cause Rosacea: The Connection


Skin problems can strike at any age and any gender. Today, people can purchase products or ask doctors in treating many of these problems. After a series of treatment, they can get rid of most skin problems. The problem is that there are incurable skin problems. Because of this, people will have to commit to lifelong management of the condition.

One of these chronic conditions is rosacea, a type of skin disorder where a person will have redness, bumps or dry skin on the face. This commonly affects women, but men are not safe from rosacea. In fact, the condition is often worse for them.

On the other hand, some people wonder, “Can low thyroid cause rosacea?” Some people think that the two are connected. In this case, it is important that you know the difference between the two, and if they have any connection to each other.

Rosacea: Why Does It Happen And What Symptoms Does It Cause?

RosaceaRosacea can result from many factors, but the main cause is still unknown, even today. One of the what exactly causes rosacea is the environment. Spending some time under the sun will lead to the symptoms acting up.

Being in a hot or freezing environment will do the same, as well. On the other hand, even having stress or anxiety can have a huge impact on the condition.

This is common for those who are starting to feel uneasy because of their appearance. Eating or drinking trigger foods will lead to a flare-up, as well.

It is different for every person, but the most common ones include dairy, spicy foods, hot drinks and most of all, alcohol. Heavy tasks or exercises can also trigger the symptoms. Cosmetic products might lead to a flare up, as well, but it is the least likely to cause a flare-up of all the factors.

The most evident symptom is redness in the face with tiny visible blood vessels. Most of the time, doctors can determine that you have rosacea by seeing this. This happens when too much blood enters the blood vessels of the face. The blood vessels stay enlarged, which is why they remain visible forever.

This will also lead to bumps that look like acne or cysts. The skin will also feel dry and flaky, including the skin behind the ears, neck and even the eyelids. When it affects the eyes, they will feel irritated and people may sometimes find it hard to see. In the case of the redness between men and women, the focus is different. For women, the redness and other symptoms are mostly present in the cheeks and chin, while men will have most of the symptoms present in their nose.

Flushing is also common, which is why some people think that it is just a normal reaction to hot environments. However, the flushing in Rosacea can occur even if the person is just relaxing or doing nothing. Rosacea also runs in families. The symptoms will not always be present. Sometimes, it takes a trigger for them to come back.

Can Low Thyroid Cause Rosacea?

 common questionThis became a common question because there are a few similarities between the two. Low levels of thyroid hormones can affect the skin in many ways.

This includes rashes and dryness in some parts of the body, including the face. There is also a research showing the relation of low thyroid hormones to rosacea.

It showed that among the many people with thyroid problems, a small percentage of them have rosacea, too. However, this is not always the case. Even if they have a few similar symptoms, there is no proof that low thyroid will in fact lead to rosacea. Doctors might even do tests to be sure that you have rosacea, and not low thyroid problems.

Low thyroid hormones causing rosacea is unlikely, which is why you need to go to a doctor to have the proper tests. Moreover, other health conditions may have the same symptoms as rosacea, and it would require many tests to rule out what condition you truly have.

How Is Rosacea Treated?

The treatment for Rosacea focuses more in the symptoms and flare-ups. Being a lifelong condition, the symptoms will just keep on coming back. This is why the best thing that you can do is to keep them from coming back in the first place, or reduce the chances of having a flare up.

DoctorYou can ask for prescription drugs from your doctor and avoid the triggers. You can still do exercises, but it is best that you avoid those that require heavy lifting.

In severe cases, some people can choose to go through laser treatment or surgery. This helps in getting rid of the tiny blood vessels or if the symptoms altered the shape of your face.

If you have a thyroid problem and you are asking, can low thyroid cause rosacea, remember that there is little to no chance for that to happen. However, it is always best to ask your doctor as early as the first symptom shows up.