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Can Rosacea Actually Be Cured With Apples?

Can Rosacea Actually Be Cured With Apples?


If you are of European descent, there is a high probability that you may develop a condition known as rosacea. This is a disease or condition that has no cure, and is thought to be the result of your genetics. Those that are of Irish or British dissent are the ones that may have this reoccurring condition. There are actually several stages to rosacea, as it develops and gets worse, prompting many people to find a cure for this condition.

At best, you can only tackle the symptoms associated with this problem that causes redness in your face. It can also develop into nodules that will develop on the skin, especially on men on the end of their nose. There is a way to diminish the number of pustules and papules that you get, along with the redness that can occur at most any time with subtle environmental changes. Can using apples actually serve as a cure for rosacea? That’s what we will take a look at next.

What You Should Know About Rosacea

RosaceaRosacea is well known in regard to dermatology as a skin condition that affects millions of people. It usually shows up as a redness that appears on your face, the result of dilated blood vessels.

There are several things that can aggravate the condition including internal factors, stress levels, and environmental factors as well. It affects both genders, although it is much more likely to occur with women, and typically starts after the age of 30.

You will start to notice that your forehead, nose and cheeks will become red, slowly moving out from those points. A lobulated nose may develop, especially on men, which can be both unsightly and disfiguring. There are many potential causes for this condition, which if you are able to avoid these internal and external factors, it is possible that you can avoid the development of this condition throughout your life.

Causes Of Rosacea That Are Known

spicy foodsThe cause of rosacea is thought to be the result of external and internal factors, things that would not ordinarily bother a regular person that does not have this genetic predisposition.

The food that you consume including spicy foods, alcohol, and if you drink a lot of caffeine, this can exacerbate the condition quite a bit.

There are some medications that you can take which can also cause it to occur including some of the wrinkle treatments, and scar treatments, that are available today.

In particular, anything that uses benzoyl peroxide, chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion and the use of the skin lightning cream tretinoin have been shown to almost immediately cause the redness to occur. Regardless of the classification of the type of rosacea that you have, each subtype seems to be caused by similar factors. There are several treatments that people can try out once they have been properly diagnosed, some of which can be very effective.

Treating Rosacea The Right Way

Skin CreamIf you want to treat rosacea, you should avoid the aforementioned foods and beverages, as well as the skin creams that are used for various purposes. There are actually some medications that can help such as the antibiotic metronidazole.

The reason that your doctor may prescribe this for you is because there is the belief, although there is no actual proof, that this is caused by bacteria in your skin.

As the bacteria grows as a result of increased amounts of blood flow in the capillaries at the surface level of the skin, they begin to massively produce. The waste products created by the bacteria is what will cause the redness to occur, a reaction to what the bacteria are doing anything skin.

Another possible treatment is the use of azelaic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid peels. Although these are typically associated with products that aggravate the skin, with some people, it has been shown to help them significantly. Similarly, lasers with intense pulsed light have helped many people, considered to be one of the best treatments for rosacea. However, there is another treatment that might work for you which is the use of apples, but they must be used in a specific way.

Can Rosacea Actually Be Cured With Apples?

applesApples have long been used in the treatment of acne which is a skin condition, and can be used in a couple of different ways.

First of all, the roughage from the apples canned actually help clear out your liver and intestines, helping your body more easily eliminate bacteria.

P acnes causes bacteria in the skin when in overabundance. If bacteria is causing the rosacea to occur, then eating apples, or drinking apple cider vinegar, can be beneficial in the same way.

It has also been shown to be beneficial to apply apple cider vinegar to your face when you have acne breakouts, and those that have used the same type of treatment have had great success with rosacea as well. You might want to consider this type of treatment, something that is much more cost effective, then laser treatments, or any of the recommended prescription medications that your doctor may recommend.