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Can You Get Rid Of Rosacea?

Can You Get Rid Of Rosacea?


rosacea is a skin condition that causes the redness and the inflammation of the face. It is usually incurable, therefore all sufferers can do is to find solutions for avoiding the flare-ups, their goal being to alleviate these symptoms and live a relatively normal life. In the most severe cases, people suffering from rosacea develop a red and bulbous nose, typical for this medical condition.

RosaceaUnfortunately, there’s no known cure for rosacea. Its causes aren’t known either. The first signs of the condition may appear somewhere between the age of 30 and 50, progressively becoming worse with the age. In the first stage, the patient experiences only flushing and intermittent facial redness.

Since they are coming and going, the individual might not get alerted and the condition may pass unnoticed until it evolves to the second stage, where the redness and the swelling become permanent.

If nothing is done, the condition may evolve even further. Small bumps would appear all over the effected skin areas, together with tiny blood vessels that become permanently apparent. These vessels are known as telangiectasias and they aren’t painful, but they make the sufferer look old and somehow sick. In the last stage of rosacea, the skin on the nose thickens and becomes bumpy, leading to an increase in volume of the nose.

doctors The rosacea diagnosis is hard to establish in the early stages of the condition, because it can easily be mistaken for something else. It looks like a simple rash or a sunburn, so patients don’t pay too much attention to it. Even doctors may do the mistake of treating it like a simple irritation.

Although it never heals, rosacea can be kept under control with appropriate skin care and medication, in order to minimize flare-ups and inflammation.

Diet is very important, as some foods play an active role in triggering the redness and swelling of the face. Alcohol and hot drinks should be avoided, as well as spicy foods.

Extreme heat or cold may also worsen the symptoms, therefore the sufferers need to protect their face when dealing with extreme weather conditions. It is important that each individual observes which are the triggers of the symptoms.

Then they need to take measures for avoiding exposure to those particular triggers. Facial care products and cosmetics should be carefully chosen. They need to be alcohol free, mild and protective. Never use harsh scrubs if your suffer from rosacea, as they would worsen the tiny vessels on your face, making them extend and swell.

Medical treatments should be prescribed by a physician. There is medication, but it only deals with the symptoms, since the cause of rosacea is still unknown. Topical antibiotics can be useful and they are usually prescribed by doctors as a first line therapy.

Rosacea TreatmentDicarboxylic acid is also effective against inflammatory pimples and mild rosacea, so it is also popular among dermatologists. Beta-blockers and alpha antiagonists have the effect of reducing the flushing and the redness, therefore helping the patients gain a normal look.

In severe cases of rosacea, surgical treatment may be needed in order to help removing excess nose tissue in rhinophyma. Dermabrasion can also help, as well as some surgical shave techniques.

Patients who get diagnosed in an early stage of the condition can keep it under control if they take all cautionary measures and use the medication recommended by their dermatologist. The avoidance of triggers is very effective for most people. However, the prognosis of rosacea varies from individual to individual and it depends on multiple factors such as skin sensitivity, genetics or exposure to sunlight without protection.