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Common Rosacea Triggers And How You Can Avoid Them

Common Rosacea Triggers And How You Can Avoid Them


Rosacea is a common disease, but it isn’t very well understood. No one knows what causes it and there isn’t a cure for it. It can make your face look red and irritated and you might also have acne-like pimples even though you are an adult. This condition can affect your self confidence. It can also worsen if you don’t treat it. Eventually, you can develop vision problems and your nose may become thick, knobby and deformed.

Why Did You Get Rosacea And What Is It?

acne on faceNo one knows why some people get rosacea. It affects millions of people, but the disease is not well understood. It tends to be more common in women who have light skin. It can also run in families. Rosacea causes the blood vessels in your skin to dilate which makes your face red and sore. In many cases, the blood vessels are visible on your skin.

You may also end up with acne-like pimples that are filled with pus. Some people develop eye problems that can lead to blindness if they aren’t addressed. Your eyes may become inflamed and red.

They may hurt and feel dry and irritated. Your eyelids may swell as well. As your disease progresses, the blood vessels on your face may dilate permanently.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Your Rosacea?

Not treating your rosacea can have some serious ramifications on your health. The first thing that can happen is that your nose starts to become disfigured. This condition is called rhinophyma and it makes your nose become bulbous, red and enlarged. It may develop a waxy and knobby look.

Your eyes can become affected as well. The condition starts off with a burning feeling in the eyes. The whites of your eyes may turn bloodshot and your eyelids may get red. Some people develop a sensitivity to light. Eventually, you can develop a condition called rosacea keratitis that attacks the cornea and results in blindness.

What Are The Triggers For Rosacea?

If you have rosacea, you also have certain conditions that trigger it. It is important to avoid these triggers to help keep your disease under control. Many people find that keeping a diary of their symptoms is helpful in determining just what those symptoms are.

alcoholSome triggers are common like smoking and drinking alcohol. You should definitely avoid these behaviors if you have rosacea.

Other triggers include eating spicy food and consuming hot drinks. You want to avoid extreme temperature swings as well.

Certain foods are know to cause rosacea flares. Eggplans, spinach and avocados can all trigger rosacea. Some people are sensitive to beans and citrus fruits as well. Even tomatoes can set off rosacea.

Is Exercise A Trigger For Rosacea?

Unfortunately, exercise can trigger rosacea in some people. It causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate which can cause redness and soreness. Strenuous exercise is the real culprit, so if you can tone your exercise routine down to something more gentle, you might not experience as many problems.

How Is Rosacea Treated?doctor

There are many treatment options for rosacea ranging from natural remedies to doctor prescribed antibiotics. The treatment you receive will depend on how serious your condition is. Some people do just fine with an acne face wash, while others need a prescription face wash.

Your doctor may give you a prescription for topical antibiotic medications that you apply twice a day. There are also special prescription gels that can help reduce the redness and inflammation that you get with rosacea.

What Are The Best Ways To Care For Your Skin?

It is important to be very gentle with your skin if you have rosacea. You don’t want to scrub or pull at your skin because it can irritate it. Be sure to sunscreen when you go outside as well because the sun can make your skin feel sore and tender.

Don’t overwash your skin either.┬áRosacea is easily manageable, but it takes time to find the right combination of treatments. Be sure to visit a doctor right away if you think you might have rosacea and don’t let your symptoms progress to the next stage.