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Finding Care For Rosacea

Finding Care For Rosacea


Rosacea- the name is so much prettier than the condition. Men who suffer from this struggle to deal with it, and women who suffer from it do their best to hide it. Finding Care For Rosacea But knowing how to care for rosacea means understanding what rosacea really is. There are many helpful tips to care for this condition.

Rosacea is chronic and can potentially disrupt someone’s life through their facial skin. Sufferers often have flare-ups and many have observe that it typically starts after age 30 as redness on the chin, cheeks, Rosacea skinnose, or forehead that come and go. Sometimes rosacea occurs on the scalp, neck, chest, or ears.

In time, the light redness worsens and can be more persistent, causing visible blood vessels to appear. If this is left untreated, pimples and bumps can develop, even causing the nose to grow bumpy and swollen from extra tissue in certain cases.

You may remember how distinctive the popular comedian W.C. Fields was by his bulging nose. In can happen that the eyes become affected, causing irritation and being bloodshot and watery in appearance.

Sadly, right now there is no real cure for this condition. However, there is therapy available in order to reverse or control the signs and symptoms. It is best to look for signs or symptoms to help you conclude how best to go about treatment.

Rosacea facial rednessFor example, these signs or symptoms can be flushing, persistent redness, pimples and bumps, visible blood vessels, and more. From there, you can also determine your subtype. There are four common patterns known as subtypes that involve certain symptoms and signs.

Rosacea varies from patient to patient, so the treatment is tailored by the doctor according to the patient’s needs. This may include a variation of topical or oral medications to treat the pimples and bumps, and perhaps a topical treatment to bring down facial redness.

There is even a treatment involving lasers or intense light pulsations to remove blood vessels that are visible seen, decrease extreme redness and aid with nose disfigurement. Certain doctors have expressed that the best treatment for rosacea is changing one’s lifestyle. There are a number of ways a person can achieve this, and it is not difficult to do.

One very important way is by avoiding much contact with the sun. We all should be cautious when taking in sun, but those with rosacea are very sensitive to it. They need strong sunblock, though another concern for them is chemicals. So a gentle yet effective sunblock would be best.

spicy foodAnother area rosacea sufferers should be concerned with is stress, since the redness and flushing can increase when one is stressed. Something else to be aware of is that of drinking alcohol, which can expand blood vessels on the face, worsening the rosacea. Also spicy foods worsen rosacea.

For women, knowing that chemicals can only make the condition worse, be aware of what make-up, lotion, moisturizers, and cleansers you use. Try using products that do not irritate the skin such as hypoallergenic.

There are also a wide variety of natural treatments one who suffers from rosacea can try. Those who are keen to natural cures have stated that rosacea is a sign of what is going on in your body. It has been taught that the skin is the largest organ of the body, and can be a tell-tale sign of the condition of your body.

Apple cider vinegarIllnesses like anemia are revealed through the skin turning grey or yellow even, which is a sign of warning to the body. So why wouldn’t rosacea be a sign of what is going on internally?

So, if the medications and treatments your doctor is prescribing for you are not working to your satisfaction, why not try the natural method?

There are so many different natural remedies to try. For example, one could try using extract from olive leaf. It is a great cleanser and detoxes the body and can rid the body sneaky viruses and clean you out. Another helpful remedy is that of apple cider vinegar.

I know my family has always sworn by this stuff, and the wonders it does for the body are endless! It cleanses you internally, and eliminates toxins that rosacea sufferers need removal of. In addition to that, it promotes a healthy digestive system with a good bacterium.

rosacea patients This is good because the medicine rosacea patients may take can kill off the good bacteria in the body allowing for the bad bacteria to take over.

You can even apply apple cider vinegar as a topical, but there is a reason to be careful here. Some have had great results doing this; others have said that it aggravated the rosacea, so make sure you test this.

Whether you choose to go the pharmaceutical or natural route to conquer your rosacea is up to you. We just want to see you have good results, and it is important to know what options are out there. So always do your own research, get more than one opinion, and may you achieve good health!