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Is Kefir Good For Rosacea?

Is Kefir Good For Rosacea?


Rosacea treatment must be holistic and at the same time healthy to ensure that flare ups are not going to happen. This simply means that once you observe a holistic approach, you need to watch out for your diet, the kind of lifestyle you are living and the level of care you are giving your skin. Since we mentioned diet, have you heard about kefir? Is kefir good for rosacea condition?

Most doctors recommend a diet that comes with probiotics. One good probiotic source would be kefir. This is a good probiotic source in the sense that it is a natural source and rosacea sufferers don’t have to take probiotic supplements.

However, you need to note that kefir may or may not have adverse effects on people. There are some rosacea sufferers who have negative response to kefir and instead of improving their skin health, it becomes even worse. So when trying kefir, make sure to try it out slowly and carefully.

What is Kefir?

 milk from goat, sheep and cow.Kefir is a type of milk drink that is produced through the process called fermentation. It is a combination of kefir grains, yeasts and various types of milk from goat, sheep and cow.

Naturally, kefir is abundant with essential nutrients which are made more nutritious because of the types of milk used during the fermentation process. Nonetheless, is kefir good for rosacea?

A better description of kefir is it is similar to yogurt but with thinner and lesser consistency and people can avail of this healthy drink in its flavoured form or plain form.

Aside from skin, kefir can help improve your bone health as well as teeth for it is said that it comes with about 20% calcium for every 175g serving.

Because one causative factor that can trigger rosacea is stress, the intake of kefir is highly commendable as it comes with good amount of tryptophan which in effect gives you a relaxed feeling. It makes you feel good and at time sleepy. Is kefir good for rosacea? In most cases, it is and it’s all because of its healthy ingredients.

Nutrients in Kefir

Kefir has many uses and benefits because it is composed of essential nutrients. These nutrients are often included or served as primary ingredients for food and medicines. Kefir is noted of its combined nutrients from milk and natural grains.

natural and organic substancesNutrients are made up of natural and organic substances that help a lot in promoting wellness and regulating certain types of health conditions just like rosacea. Here is the list of nutrients that might help asses or answer the question is kefir good for rosacea?

  •  Vitamins ‘ folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin (B1, B2 and B6), Vitamin D and Vitamin K2.
  •  Essential Minerals ‘ iron, iodine and calcium.
  •  Proteins.
  •  It has lactic acid bacteria.
  •  It has good amount of water.
  •  It contains L-carnitine.
  •  Good fat contents.
  •  It contains ample amount of vitamin D and potassium.
  •  It has kefiran which is an effective content in lowering blood pressure level as well as bad cholesterol level.
  •  It contains tryptophan which is an amino acid responsible in making you feel good.

Is Kefir Good For Rosacea?

According to some studies kefir has natural healing effects. The bunch of vital nutrients that made up kefir is just some proofs that it really works positively in the system. Several experts on the field continue their research about direct remedy of kefir to rosacea.

healthy nervous system also constitutesThe main benefit of kefir is concentrated in strengthening the central nervous system. A healthy nervous system also constitutes to a strong immune system which is the body’s main protection against harmful diseases.

At some point, the conclusion can be finalized that kefir is good for rosacea conditions.

Kefir is made up of natural yeast which can produce anti microbial elements in the body. It has also ample amount of calcium to help strengthen bones. Other organic compound also have fair share in improving the healing quality of kefir just like kefiran.

Kefiran is said to fight harmful elements that causes allergic reaction in the body. It also reduces or minimizes the length or severity of allergic reaction towards the system. Now, is kefir good for rosacea? Yes it is.