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Is Olive Oil Good For Rosacea?

Is Olive Oil Good For Rosacea?


Rosacea is a skin condition that affects the face. Its manifestations are redness and tiny blood vessels becoming apparent, especially on the nose, cheeks and chin. Some persons also experience inflammation and pimples.

Rosacea isn’t life threatening, but it is embarrassing, therefore sufferers would try anything only to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it is a chronic condition. Nonetheless, there are several remedies that can help alleviating the symptoms, thus enabling the patients regain an almost normal look.

Since most cosmetic and skin care products are irritating, they can aggravate rosacea, therefore most dermatologists tell their patients to stay away from such products. However, milder substances like olive oil or fish oil may have soothing effects, thus being safe to use or even indicated. This article is about the effects of olive oil on rosacea.

Rosacea Skin And Olive Oil

RosaceaThe main characteristic of rosacea skin is sensitivity. Those tiny blood vessels at the surface of the skin can break even under moderate pressure, therefore extreme care is needed when cleansing these areas of the face.

It goes without saying that scrubbing products are absolutely forbidden, as well as irritant cleansers based on alcohol.

Oils, however, are good because they are moisturizing and soothing. Applied on the skin, they create a protective layer that can result in the alleviation of inflammation.

Olive Oil Properties Recommend It For Rosacea

Olive oil is very good for the skin. This is why it is the main ingredient in a lot of cosmetic and skin care products. Its excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties recommend it for sensitive skin types as well as for acne or rosacea sufferers. Here are a few possible uses of olive oil in the cosmetic industry:

1. Mosturizer

Dry skin loves olive oil because of its emollient properties, its smooth texture and its efficient action as hydrating agent. Since the skin affected by rosacea is always dehydrated, by applying olive oil on it, you can keep it moisturized and elastic. The anti-inflammatory effect of olive oil is also helpful in soothing the irritation caused by this annoying skin condition.

2. Cleanser

facial cleansingRosacea sufferers have a very big problem with facial cleansing, as most products in this category are forbidden. Oils can act as cleansers and olive oil is one of the most effective.

You need to apply it gently on your face, without rubbing. Leave it for a few minute to do its job, then wipe it with a cotton pad. Don’t rub, use gentle movements that barely press the pad into the skin. Continue until the pad is clear.

3. Makeup Removal

This is another category of skin care products that isn’t suitable for rosacea. However, that makeup needs to be removed with something and soap is not the best possible option, because it tends to dry the skin. Olive oil can help you remove your makeup effectively. It can melt even the most stubborn waterproof mascara, therefore you won’t be left with any makeup traces, even if you don’t use a traditional makeup removal product.

Are There Any Problems That May Occur?

Generally speaking, using olive oil on rosacea affected skin should be safe. Nonetheless, if you use other cosmetic products or ointments prescribed by your dermatologist, you should contact her first and inform her about your intention of using olive oil on your rosacea lesions. Most probably there won’t be any problem. The point here is to avoid olive oil to interfere with your current rosacea treatments, thus rendering them ineffective.

Anyway, if you don’t use any other product and you start with olive oil as moisturizer or makeup remover, observe your complexion with attention for several days. In case you notice a worsening of your rosacea condition, discontinue use immediately and contact your dermatologist as soon as possible, in order to prevent any unwanted side effects or reactions.

RosaceaOne thing to keep in mind: rosacea is a chronic condition. This means it has no cure, therefore neither olive oil nor other products will ever cure it.

Nonetheless, the main objective of rosacea sufferers is to minimize the symptoms, as well as to limit the area with broken blood vessels. Olive oil can be a great help in maintaining the facial skin in good condition, but only if your rosacea agrees with it.