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Is Rosacea Caused By A Mite?

Is Rosacea Caused By A Mite?


There is a skin condition which is very noticeable, especially with people that have liked complexions. This condition is called rosacea, and it affects thousands of people. If you were born of European descent, or you have European blood in your family, it is possible that you may develop this condition the older that you get.

It can develop in many ways, first starting as what looks like blushing, caused by strong winds or hot weather. Over time, it may move to your nose, forehead, and may even affect your eyes. The most noticeable component of this particular skin condition is the development of papules and pustules around the nose area.

Rosacea redness If left unchecked, or entreated, these small bumps can begin to deform the appearance of your nose. There are many theories as to what causes this condition, but modern science has not settled on one specific reason.

There is one theory that it is caused by mites beneath the skin which cause the redness to occur. Let’s now take a look at what rosacea is, different treatment options, and whether or not it is actually caused by little mites underneath your skin.

Causes Of Rosacea

What you should understand about rosacea is that there is no known definitive cause. It is one of those conditions for which the doctors will treat the symptoms of the condition, which is all he can do. For instance, they will tell you to not go outside and expose yourself to hot weather.

There is some belief that vitamin D could actually cause this condition, although it is probably just a byproduct of being in direct sunlight. If you have a lot of emotional stress in your life, the condition can get worse. It also gets worse in cold weather. As you can see, there really is no rhyme or reason to why rosacea flares up, but each of these aggravating factors can cause it to get worse.

What is known is that as you get older, the symptoms can spread, going from your cheeks to your nose and forehead. The development of pustules and papules may also occur, placing little bumps, and potentially big ones, on your nose making it look unsightly. There are some treatment options for all of this, which we will discuss next.

Treatments For Rosacea That Work Well

Rosacea TreatmentRosacea can be treated, at least the symptoms of the condition, which is essentially treating the redness and the bumps. To treat the redness, dermatologist will either give you a cream that is designed to treat it as if it is an infection which is why they will prescribe metronidazole.

They may also give you an oral medication such as tetracycline or doxycycline, at the very least to stop the bumps from leaking pus. For those that believe that it is treatable with a sulfur-based product, sodium sulfacetamide will be given.

The most difficult cases are typically prescribed Retin-A which has Tretinoin. For those that believe that it is caused by high blood pressure, causing tiny but vessels underneath your skin to show, you will be given blood pressure medication that can sometimes make it go away.

Is Rosacea Caused By Mites?

Rosacea One last theory about how this occurs has to do with tiny mites called Demodex mites under the skin. The mites have a bacteria inside of them, and are so tiny they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

As your skin ages, and as you get older, it is thought that Demodex mites begin to swell. In some research, it has shown that Demodex mites may be 10 times more prevalent under the skin of those that have rosacea.

Therefore, when they release the bacteria within them, this causes an immune reaction, and when this reaction occurs, inflammation and redness beneath your skin is the end result. The treatment for this is Metrogel, a topical antibiotic that has metronidazole that will treat infections, effectively causing your rosacea to diminish or vanish, at least until the next bacterial release.