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Is Rosacea Stress Related Or Not?

Is Rosacea Stress Related Or Not?


There are several different types of skin disorders that a person may develop and experience in their life. One of the most common is acne. Another is the development of rosacea, which can look very similar, but is caused by many different factors. Both of these skin conditions actually have no cure, but rosacea is a little more mysterious.

There are many theories as to why people will develop the redness in their face, the papules that can appear on their nose, as well as near their eyelids, but there is no agreed-upon cause for this condition which means that there are many different treatments that are available.

One of the reasons that people have rosacea, according to some dermatologists, is that it is stress related. There is a possibility that this is true, but there are just as many reasons to assume that it is caused by something completely different.

Why Rosacea Starts

This is the more obvious part of this skin disorder. It is caused by genetics. People that are of European descent tend to be the ones that develop it, and it seems to be passed from generation to generation. Although this does not explain what is causing it, it narrows the possible candidates for developing this condition. What actually causes it to begin, however, is a little more difficult as there are so many factors that can lead to its development.

What Causes Rosacea?

dermatologistsA dermatologist will tell you that there are many triggers that can lead to the appearance of this redness on your face. In the same way that your face will get red as a result of capillaries that are beneath the surface of your skin when it is very cold outside, this is a trigger that will also cause rosacea.

It can also be caused if it is extremely hot, very windy, or if you have had direct exposure to the sun. It can be triggered by eating a very spicy meal, drinking too much alcohol, having too much coffee, and also experiencing too much stress.

 To understand which of these causative agents will lead to rosacea developing, it’s important to understand what type of rosacea a person has.

Classifications Of Rosacea

Rosacea does have a couple different classifications, referencing where the skin disorder actually appears and how severe the problem is. Ocular rosacea is a skin disorder which actually affects your eyelids, and even your eyes, causing the area to be very irritated and drive.

Sensitivity to light is part of this particular type of rosacea, and it is possible that people can lose their vision. Phymatous rosacea is much more unsightly, causing your skin to get thick, and also develop irregular surface nodules that can cause your nose to in large in size.

Papulopustular rosacea is often confused with acne because of the papules and pustules that appear, most of which will be pus filled. Sometimes this will dissipate in just a few days, whereas others will have this condition for several weeks or until they are able to receive some type of treatment.

All of these different types of rosacea can occur, and without getting the proper treatment, it is likely that you will always have to look in the mirror and notice how red or disfigured your face is because you have not dealt with this skin disorder.

Treatments For Rosacea

DoxycyclineIf the rosacea is diagnosed by your dermatologist to be related to an infection caused by bacteria underneath the surface of the skin, they will likely prescribe some form of antibiotic which can take care of the bacteria.

Tetracycline and doxycycline are the most common prescriptions, although brimonidine is often used as well. If it is a behavioral outbreak where the capillaries underneath the surface level occur during stressful times, or because of your diet, your doctor will recommend a change in these areas.

Lasers are also used, specifically damaging the outside of the capillaries, preventing further blood flow from occurring. Demodex mites have also been suggested, tiny creatures beneath the surface of your skin that will leave feces that will become infected because of the bacteria that they contain leading to inflammation.

These are treated with antibiotics as well, although chemical peels are sometimes recommended. But of all of the possible triggers that can cause this skin disorder, the most difficult one to provide a treatment for is that which is caused by stress.

Does Stress Actually Cause Rosacea?

When you are stressed out, your blood pressure will rise, increasing the blood flow throughout your body. It will also cause inflammation, and when the surface of your skin becomes much more tight, the capillaries beneath the surface will be visible. The combination of inflammation with increased blood flow will cause your skin to glow bright red. If this is how your rosacea is manifesting, then there are only a few treatment options.

doctorYour doctor, not your dermatologist, may prescribe antidepressants, or benzodiazepines so that you can relax, helping you deal with the stress of your life. This is actually something that you should evaluate for if you can control your temper, or lower your stress levels, and the rosacea does not come back, you will actually have a cure for your particular condition.

In conclusion, stress can lead to the appearance of rosacea on your face/a>, and it can be cured by making sure that inflammation and increased blood pressure does not occur.

This can be done by taking certain pharmaceutical remedies that can help you relax, or control your depression if that is what is leading to your stress, preventing the redness from occurring.

Although this is not the only reason that rosacea can develop, if this is what your dermatologist is able to diagnose, by simply getting control of your stress levels, your rosacea can be controlled.