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Makeup for Rosacea Sufferers: Steps to Help You Stop Hiding Your Face

Makeup for Rosacea Sufferers: Steps to Help You Stop Hiding Your Face


Rosacea is a skin condition that can leave you feeling bad about your face for life. It is intense redness of blushing that spreads from your nose and cheeks, to your chin and forehead. Before long, even your ears, back and chest are experiencing some redness.

Because of this condition, finding the right makeup for rosacea sufferers can be quite a challenge. When done right, however, makeup can do wonders in helping conceal your blushing skin effectively.

Tips to Remember When It Comes to Finding the Best Makeup for Rosacea Sufferers

Finding the rosacea make up for you may be a challenge, but it is certainly not impossible. Here are some important things you should remember when shopping for make up for rosacea and dry skin:

1. Before applying your makeup, be sure to cleanse and moisturize your face with skin-care products that are appropriate for your skin. When you are suffering from rosacea, you should start your makeup regimen with a gentle cleanser, one that is lipid free so that the pH of your skin will not get altered.

makeupAccording to Dr. Cynthia Bailey, the safest and most effective cleanser for patients with rosacea is the Calming Zinc Soap, which contains medicated two percent pyrithione zinc. This particular ingredient helps control pityrosporum yeast germs and possible demodex mites that may build up in your pores if your skin is affected by rosacea.

Meanwhile, you can also consider gentle liquid cleansers such as the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. These don’t contain any harsh surfactants that can possibly damage proteins and even disrupt the lipids in the stratum corneum of your skin, leading to further dysfunction in your skin’s epidermal barrier.

At the same time, you may also want to use a moisturizer to help keep your skin soft. When shopping for moisturizer, be sure to get one that has no petrolatum or mineral oils, which may clog your pores. Makeup for rosacea and dry skin should contain moisturizers, too.

Avoid skincare products with fragrances, too, as they may further irritate your face. According to a National Rosacea Society survey, as much as 30 percent of people suffering from rosacea experienced bumps and redness when they use products that have fragrance in them.

Ideally, you should also consider regularly using a serum, which helps supply much needed nutrients to your skin. Try using the Rosacea Relief Serum that helps reduce the redness on your face and the rest of your skin while keeping it well moisturized so that you don’t suddenly experience flare-ups.

2. Avoid pulling and tugging on your eyes when you’re cleansing and applying products. Whether you’re shopping for cleansing or cosmetic products, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes in mind. Eyes are quite sensitive and can readily become prone to ocular rosacea for starters.

When it comes to choosing products, opt for those that are already recommended by your ophthalmologist as they tend to be allergy tested, and fragrance free. It is also important to keep in mind to avoid pulling or tugging on your eyes when you’re trying to remove your eyeliner and mascara. To make the cleaning process easier, you may want to choose those that come right off by rinsing your face with warm water.

3. Avoid make up that contains oils and is not non-comedogenic. The comedogenicity of a skin care product is based on its tendency to cause acne, whiteheads and blackheads to appear on the skin by blocking skin pores. That said, skincare products that are non-comedogenic are those that prevent you from experiencing any symptoms of acne.

Non-comedogenic skincare products are recommended to those suffering from rosacea as they do not tend to cause any flare-ups on your face. To find out if your favorite skincare product is non-comedogenic, just look closely at the label or ask someone from your favorite beauty store.

acneYou should also keep in mind that there are some skincare product ingredients that are non-comedogenic, which may become comedogenic due to the product’s final formulation. Keep in mind that you can suffer from an acne, blackhead or whitehead breakout at the same time that you are dealing with a rosacea flare-up.

Aside from comedogenicity, you should also avoid make up that contains oil as they may also cause your pores to get clogged and cause blackheads, whiteheads or acne to suddenly appear on your face.

4. Avoid fragrance-free products that nonetheless, contain witch hazel, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint, alcohol and menthol along with salicylic acid and glycol acid. The said ingredients can readily cause your skin to burn and become red while making physical symptoms of your rosacea even worse. You may also end up feeling a sting from these ingredients, which can cause soft edema and make you severely uncomfortable.

The problem with soft edema is that it can sometimes last for days and it can even get worse by sudden inflammatory changes. You should also want to watch out for skin care products that contain alcohol. They will also make your skin even more dry, making it scaling and rough.

5. Don’t use too much products on your skin because the more products you apply, the greater your chances are of experiencing a flare-up. When you are already suffering from rosacea, it’s always best to keep your daily make up routine simple and as minimal as possible.

What you have to keep in mind is that the more makeup products that you apply on your skin regularly, the greater chance there is for you to suffer a rosacea flare-up. This is because applying more make up products has a tendency to expose you to a skincare ingredient that can easily aggravate your condition.

6. When you’re testing a new skin product, make sure to first do it in a peripheral area – your neck or arm – before you decide to use it on your face to make sure your skin doesn’t react to it. The last thing you want is to experience a major flare-up in your face right before you’re set to go out with your friends or on a date.

Avoid having a flare-up catastrophe by first testing new products in a peripheral area of your body. Dab a little of the product on your neck or hand and wait to see if it will cause any sort of irritation on your skin. If it does, discontinue using the product immediately. If there is no irritation, you can safely put the product on your face and the rest of your body.

7. Choose a foundation and concealer that are oil-free. Oil can easily clog your skin pores and the last thing you want is to have a blackhead, whitehead or acne breakout while you are also dealing with a rosacea flare-up.

Absolutely avoid any concealer or foundation that contain oil. When it comes to shopping for the perfect foundation, go with the one that gives you the right level of coverage, whether you’re going for sheer or full.

Ideally, you want a foundation that would match your own skin town as closely as possible. When it comes to concealers, however, you should get one that is one shade blighter than your actual skin tone.

8. When applying your foundation on your face, use an antibacterial foundation brush instead of using a sponge or even your fingertips. Applying your foundation make up should not have to cause more problems for your face if you are already suffering from rosacea.

No matter how lazy you feel, always go for the antibacterial foundation brush when putting your foundation make up on. The problem with using a sponge is that using it can lead to further skin irritation. Your face may also become irritated from any unseen foreign particles resting on your fingertips.

9. For proper application, apply a small amount of liquid foundation on the back of your hand. Dab the brush on it and proceed to gently smooth the foundation over you face, starting from the center moving outwards.

If you are using a powder or cream foundation, sweep your brush across the compact and apply on your face. Apply with broad strokes on large areas of your face such as your forehead, chin and cheeks. As for narrow areas of your face such as your eyes, hairline, mouth and nose, apply foundation using the edge of your brush.

Whichever kind of foundation for rosacea you’re using, always be sure to clean your brush after every use.

10. When applying your concealer, use an antibacterial brush to lightly dot some under your eyes. Just like foundation, it’s also more recommended to use an antibacterial brush when you’re applying your concealer, instead of your fingers or a sponge.

Start by lightly dotting the concealer under your eyes. Using your brush, apply in the inner corner going outwards. A perfectly applied concealer can help conceal any bumps or visible blood vessels you may have due to your rosacea.

11. Consider using cover-corrective makeup for your face if your suffering from rosacea. Cover-corrective makeup products are specifically designed to cater to the needs of those suffering from skin issues that lead to inflammatory conditions, such as rosacea.

Because of this, cover-corrective makeup formulations come with various UVA and UVB sun protection options. The best part, they are available in different tones so that they can easily blend with your natural skin color while helping you conceal any of your bumps and other skin imperfections.

12. Explore the benefits of using mineral powder. Typically, mineral powder does not contain any irritants that can suddenly cause a flare-up on your face. This is why it’s one of the best makeup choices for you if you are already suffering from rosacea.

Mineral makeup works to color-correct the redness around your face so that it becomes less visible. You can use it as a protective base on your face instead of using your foundation. Alternately, you can also dust some yellow-toned mineral powder over your foundation.

13. Choose sheer blush formulated for sensitive skin and apply sparingly using your antibacterial brush. When you’ve already got some redness on your face due to your rosacea, opt for a sheer blush that has been specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Apply this sparingly using an antibacterial blush by sweeping it starting from the apples of your cheeks before making your way towards your temples. Remember to keep your coating thin.

14. Use only a minimal amount of blush, if any at all, so that you can avoid the underlying redness becoming accentuated. If you really must use a blush, remember to keep it light so that the underlying redness on your face will not be further accentuated. Remember that you don’t need much color so apply as minimal as possible.

15. Avoid red shades when it comes to lipsticks as it can exacerbate the look of redness on your skin. When your face is already experiencing some redness, the last thing you want to do is accentuate it by applying sultry red lipstick.

If you are already suffering from rosacea, go for peach shades instead of red or pink. Peach tones can give you a bit of color without making your redness appear more visible. This is why peach is ideal if there are certain blemishes on your face you don’t want to draw any attention to.

16. Do not use a green base under your foundation, look for yellow-tinted products to cancel out the red instead. When your face is already suffering from rosacea, it helps to avoid green base as they don’t effectively conceal the redness on your face. Instead, opt for make ups with yellow base to help reduce the appearance of your redness.

17. Use neutral shades and cool tones on the eyes to give a sophisticated yet contemporary look. Neutral shades work better on your eyes if you are already suffering from redness due to your rosacea. Opt for something like Smoky Gris, Smoky Vert or Smoky Brun for your eyes to make your blushing less visible.

18. Brush your eyebrows in and upwards and outwards direction. You can also use an eyebrow pencil to add more definition by drawing in short, feathery lines. When done right, shaped eyebrows can give your face a nice instant lift while making your eyes the main focus of your face. When using brush brows, always stroke upwards and outwards. To add more definition to your eyes, apply an eyebrow pencil with short and feathery strokes.

19. Keep your makeup application uniform and light. It’s important to not overdo your makeup especially when you’re already suffering from skin condition such as rosacea. Otherwise, people are more likely to see the redness on your face more than anything.

When applying your rosacea make up, be sure to keep the texture and color of makeup the same in the breakout area as it is in other parts of you face. Your flare-up will be more visible if your makeup is not applied evenly.

Apply a yellow base before putting on some foundation. Use a foundation brush or a clean Beauty Blender sponge to spread the foundation around your face.

20. Be sure to replace your eye make up every four months, particularly if you are prone to eye infections. Oftentimes, eye makeup can make ophthalmic symptoms of rosacea get worse.

To avoid this, it is important to replace your entire bottle of eye make up every three to four months. This is the best way to avoid any chance of bacterial growth in your applicator, which often goes the eyelids on your eyes. Do this for your eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

21. Try a primer containing silicone that provides protection from makeup and goes over wrinkles and pores smoothly. A silicone based primer readily helps even out texture on your skin, making any blemish or redness from your rosacea much less visible.

Aside from this, a silicone primer also allows for make up to glide smoothly throughout the rest of the face. To apply, start by applying the primer lightly on your t-zone, as well as the center of your face. Let the primer stay on your face for just a minute before applying your other makeup.

22. Avoid using powder as it contains some coarse particles that can readily irritate sensitive skin with rosacea. A cream or gel formulated foundation, blush or concealer is much better to use than those formulated from powder if your area already suffering from rosacea.

This is because a powder form of makeup may contain some coarse particles that can readily irritate your already sensitive skin. Unless you know a brand to be safe, avoid powder make up products as much as possible.

23. Avoid using waterproof types of mascara and liquid eye liners. The problem with using these is that you will need some harsh removers just to be able to remove them completely from your face. These removers typically harsh chemical ingredients that can make your rosacea condition worse and cause a sudden flare-up.

When you’re dealing with rosacea, it’s also always better to go for eye makeup that can be easily removed by rinsing your face with warm water. This way, it is safer for your eyes and better for your skin condition. Keep the make up around your eyes as light as possible too.

Best Makeup Recommendations for Rosacea

Make up shopping can be a challenge if you’re suffering from rosacea. Luckily for you, there are some known cosmetic products already highly recommended in the market and you can buy them at your local beauty store or even supermarket. Here are some of them:

  • Clinique Redness Solutions – Clinique has a range of rosacea make up products that is known to be gentle on sensitive skin. For starters, it offers an oil-free makeup primer that also contains SPF 15 sun protection. For your foundation, you may also want to try the Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder with Probiotic Technology.Try the Clinique Redness Solutions in your favorite beauty store or order some online now at Sephora.
  • Jane Iredale – The Jane Iredale mineral make up line is known to be gentle enough for any client suffering from any allergies or skin sensitivity issues. The brand prides itself in providing 100 percent non-comedogenic makeup products and promises to let the skin breathe while functioning normally. The best part, Jane Iredale cosmetics also promises to conceal any redness you may have on your face due to your flare-up.
  • Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation – This particular foundation can easily enhance your skin complexion while evening out your skin tone. It also doesn’t hurt that it helps reduce the appearance of your pores and fine lines too.Alima Pure is perfect for you as it is 100 percent free of any nano-particles, fillers, dyes, glutens, toxins, irritants or bismuth oxychloride, which may easily cause a flare-up on your face. When your foundation makeup is chemical-free, you can stop worrying about having another unwanted flare-up.
  • Bare Minerals Original Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – A mineral-based foundation like this does not penetrate the skin, which means there is less chance that you will suffer from skin inflammation when you apply it.
  • NYX Concealer Wand – This green-based concealer can easily help hide any visible harsh red spots on your face.
  • Emani Hydrawear 12HR FoundationEmani specializes in vegan cosmetics that are free from chemicals, making it friendlier on sensitive skin, especially when your suffering from rosacea.The Emani Hydrawear 12HR Foundation is a dual action liquid, which moisturizes the skin while concealing any blemish, wrinkles, dark spots or fine lines on your face. The best part is that it’s also oil free, which means your pores remain unclogged while you are wearing your make up.

You heard it right, it’s possible to find some great makeup for rosacea sufferers that will not further harm your skin or cause you anymore irritation. Take your time when you are shopping for your rosacea cosmetics and just go for the best eye shadow, blush and foundation for rosacea that works for you best.