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Natural Rosacea Treatments

Natural Rosacea Treatments


Rosacea is a chronic condition of the skin that needs to be treated properly. There are many people who are affected with this skin condition. Having pimple problem is one of the early signs of Rosacea. Later on facial redness will start to develop on the central part of the face, across the cheeks, on the forehead and nose. Other symptoms may start to appear along with the development of Rosacea including redness of the neck, scalp and chest ears, burning and stinging sensation, red and gritty eyes, red nose and semi-permanent redness.

Acne Preceding Rosacea

There are many natural Rosacea treatments that can help patients get rid of this chronic skin problem. There is still no permanent cure for Rosacea. However, many good treatments can help people relieve from symptoms of Rosacea. It is very important to treat rosacea properly because it can become aggravated and recur frequently. Also, rosacea becomes permanent when left untreated. The following are some of the basic and natural way to treat Rosacea.

Keeping the skin clean is very important. You can clean your skin gently with the use of mild cleanser. It is discouraged to scrub the face, but you can massage or rub the facial area. Also, do not use products and cosmetics that contain menthol, eucalyptus oil or alcohol.

It is always recommended eating food at room temperature. You should let hot beverages cool down because this will reduce the effect on your skin.

You should avoid overheating in order to treat Rosacea. This means that you need to stay indoors in a cool, air conditioned place. Also, you should apply water or cool towel on the affected area of your body in a humid day.

It is also best to take a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar mixed with water after having large meals. Also, you can apply apple cider vinegar on affected area using a clean cotton ball.

The sun can aggravate the condition of Rosacea. Thus, you need to apply a quality sunscreen every time you go outdoors regardless of the weather condition.

You may also apply a small amount of Aloe Vera on the affected skin. This will reduce the redness and itching of the affected area. It can effectively treat the Rosacea too.

Finally, you need to be watchful on the food that you are going to eat. There are certain foods that can aggravate the condition of Rosacea. You should try to avoid dairy foods.

These are some of the natural Rosacea treatments. They are very basic and don’t even require lots of money.