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Recognizing Symptoms of Rosacea – Vital in Prevention

Recognizing Symptoms of Rosacea – Vital in Prevention


Facial Blood Vessels

Rosacea is a known skin condition that affects the face of the sufferer. It is a serious skin problem that is not curable. Moreover, it is also mistaken to serious acne because of the physical appearance of Rosacea that is similar to the redness of acne. People who are scared to have this condition would do everything they can to know the symptoms of Rosacea. Knowing the Rosacea symptoms will help someone in determining if he or she has been affected by the problem. Knowing the early signs of Rosacea will help in its prevention and treatment.

Every person has different symptoms of Rosacea. This skin problem’s symptoms vary from one person to another; however, most of the symptoms victim experiences are common. Below are some of the symptoms that you should be aware of.

Flushing Face

  • Flushing on Face
    • One of the most common symptoms of Rosacea is the redness of facial skin or flushing. The redness and facial flushing can last maximum of 5 minutes. Flushing is not just a typical redness you see visibly on your face or affected areas. It can be bothering as you will feel inconvenient feeling of heatless on your face that you do not understand.
  • Continuous Redness
    • After suffering from discomforting flush feeling on your face, persistent and continuous redness on the face can also be another Rosacea symptom you should be not is surprised about. The facial redness caused by Rosacea is similar to a sunburn patch which is not easy to remove.
  •  Pustules and Papules Development
    • If you are suffering from Rosacea, another set of symptoms you will get are pustules and papules. Papules are bumps that are red and round, while the pustules are swellings that are pus-filled. These symptoms caused by papules or pustules, pustular rosacea, are almost similar to the acne spots most teenagers get.
  • Irritation of the Eyes
    • People with very bad Rosacea skin condition may experience eye irritation that can be very serious. Almost 50% of people with this problem often experience ocular rosacea. Some people’s eye irritation could get worse that it could cause eyelid problems. Therefore, if you got Rosacea and you feel that your eyes are starting to get irritations, you should not scratch it too much as it can get really bad.
  •  Visibility of Facial Blood Vessels
    •  One of the worst Rosacea symptoms is getting blood vessels that are visible on the face. It can be bothering to see these vessels visible on the face.

Eye Irritation