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Rosacea Remedies: Simple Tips to Manage this Skin Disease

Rosacea Remedies: Simple Tips to Manage this Skin Disease


Rosacea Face Masks

Rosacea remedies and treatments that are effective are actually cheap or can be made at home. The following suggestions are simple lifestyle changes but can give positive impact on those red bumps.

Change Eating Habits

The first step of treating rosacea is to change your eating habit. It is best to consume whole-foods in your diet. Moreover, make sure that you consume a large amount of citrus fruits and leafy vegetables as they are proven to help lessen flare ups.

Rosacea has been linked to digestive issues; thus, using a natural digestive aid such as apple cider vinegar can be helpful. Apple cider vinegar release enzymes into the body that helps balance intestinal bacteria.

Moreover, it is highly recommended adding a natural multivitamin to your daily routine. You should keep yourself hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Also, getting 8 hours of sleep each night helps control rosacea.

Homemade Rosacea Treatments

Creating a mask to apply on the facial area is one way to manage rosacea. Aloe Vera, lavender, tea tree oil and oatmeal, are great ingredients for a facial mask. You simply need to process the oatmeal in order to make it into fine power, add some Aloe Vera to make it a paste, and tea tree oil or lavender oils can be added last. There is no exact measurement for this mask, so you can go with your instinct. You can use this mask for at least twice a week.

Rosacea Cleaners

You will need to use a natural, water-based cleanser to cleanse your sensitive skin. To moisturize a dry skin, you can use natural oils such as coconut or argan oils. They are great moisturizer of dry and rosacea-prone skin.

Rosacea Toners

When using toners, you should avoid toners that contain alcohol. This is because alcohol will strip off the natural moisture of the skin and can cause over production of sebum.

Rosacea Foundation

You need to be careful when using foundation because many of them can irritate rosacea. A natural mineral foundation is the best kind to use for any skin type. Also, you have to avoid foundation that contains unnatural ingredients or talc. It has been proven that talc is a common irritant to rosacea.