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The Top Rosacea Causes You Should Know

The Top Rosacea Causes You Should Know


best treatment for rosacea

Rosacea, although not life threatening is a serious skin disorder that resembles like a complicated acne. The condition oftentimes shows enlarged redness on facial areas, crusty pimples, rhinophyma, pus-filled pimples and puffy cheeks. The individual suffering from rosacea may also experience oily skin and spider veins also known as telangiectasia. Rosacea treatments generally depend on the cause and symptoms of the condition. If left untreated, it can get worse.

Researches revealed that rosacea causes are triggered by few factors. Some of the researchers
linked it to the bacterium H. Pylori which is also the main cause of gastric ulcer. Hence, most of the dermatologists prescribe antibiotics but oftentimes would only help on a short term basis especially for those who are suffering in severe cases. Another known cause of rosacea is a house mite. It belongs to tiny spider family that usually breeds in a healthy skin and feeds on the oil produced by the skin. It is commonly first seen under the eyelashes. Generally, the individual may suffer from sticky eyes, burning sensation in the ocular area and itchiness.

Suffering from Rosacea Causes

The house mite infestation was roughly found on twenty percent of individuals suffering from rosacea. More often than not, the elimination of these mites treats the disease. However, scientists have found that only those who are deficient in riboflavin vitamins are affected. Hence, you should also get enough vitamin treatment to avoid this factor causing rosacea.

best treatment for rosaceaMedical publications also explain that the skin disorder is common on people exposed in extreme temperatures. For instance, those who live in severely cold environment often get red faces because of the cold weather. The dry areas, on the other hand, also pose more problems. People with damaged skin and too much exposure to the sun are more vulnerable to rosacea. Normally, it causes the blood vessels to weaken thereby not giving adequate blood supply to the tissues, predisposing someone to inflammation and outbreaks.

Stress is also another important factor to take into account when looking into various rosacea causes. When an individual is stressed, the body produces a substance that increases the oil production of the skin. Hence, a lot of oil is poured into the skin pores and follicles, causing a perfect environment for bacteria and infection.

The treatment for rosacea varies on its causes and symptoms. Hence, it is essential for a sufferer to consult a dermatologist before taking any medication or jumping in one treatment as not all of these methods may work for everyone.