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Treating Rosacea With Dietary Changes

Treating Rosacea With Dietary Changes


If you experience frequent episodes of red skin and have small pimples on your face, you may be struggling with rosacea. This common disease affects millions of people and there is no cure for it. If you have rosacea, you need to develop a proper management system that can help you minimize your symptoms. Read on to learn more about rosacea and what you can do to keep your symptoms under control.

What Is Rosacea?

RosaceaRosacea is mainly found in women and researchers don’t know what causes it or why it affects women more than men. The disease is characterized by the tell tale red patches on your face and small pus filled pimples.

Many women have visible blood vessels on the surface of their skin and nose as well. Advanced cases of rosacea can lead to your nose becoming waxy and enlarged.

Eye problems are also common with rosacea. Your eyes may feel dry and irritated all the time. Your eyelids may start to swell and your eyelids could look red. Your entire face may look like it has a bad case of sunburn. You might feel self conscious about your face and the disease could take a toll on your self esteem.

While researchers don’t know what causes rosacea, it has something to do with the blood vessels on your face staying constantly dilated. It can’t be cured and it can continue to get worse if you don’t do anything to treat it.

What Activities Should You Avoid With Rosacea?

If you have rosacea, you definitely want to avoid any type of activity that causes blushing. Stress, anger and embarrassment are all know rosacea triggers.

Changes in temperature are also known to trigger roseacea. If you leave your warm house to go to your car and then enter a warm building, you might have a flare. Even wind can cause your rosacea to flare up.

Sun exposure is especially bad when you have rosacea and you should do what you can to avoid being in the sun. Things like alcohol, exercise and spicy foods can also cause flares.

Are Certain Foods Bad For Rosacea?

You might find that certain foods tend to make your rosacea worse. One thing that can help you keep track of your symptoms is to keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat and how you feel during the day. Do this for a week and when you go back over your diary you will see what foods triggered your symptoms.

Some foods should be flat out avoided because they are known triggers for rosacea. Make sure you avoid eating spicy foods. Avoid hot drinks and alcohol. Don’t smoke either. Many people have major symptoms from chocolate and red wine.

Some people experience rosacea when they eat dairy products. Even yogurt can trigger a flare up. Spinach, avocado, lima beans, tomatoes and citrus fruits have all been linked to rosacea flare ups. Everybody is different, so keeping a diary will help you find those triggers that are unique to you.

Can Some Foods Decrease Rosacea Flares?

alcohalSome foods that you eat can minimize your chances of experiencing rosacea flares. Non-spicy meals can stop your rosacea from flaring.

Cool beverages that don’t contain alcohol or caffeine can be helpful as well. Room temperature meals can also keep your roseacea in check. If you love cheese, but find it causes flares, nondairy cheese can be just as satisfying.

What Happens To Your Nose And Eyes With Rosacea?

Your nose and eyes can be affected when you have rosacea and these symptoms can be especially troublesome. Rosacea can affect your nose and make it appear bumpy. You might see the blood vessels on your nose. If you don’t treat your rosacea, your nose can eventually become disfigured. Your eyes may burn all the time and you may be sensitive to light. Untreated rosacea can eventually damage your cornea and lead to blindness.

If you have rosacea, it is important to have it treated so complications don’t occur. You don’t want to end up with a disfigured nose or go blind. Most people never get to this point because rosacea is easy to treat and get under control.