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What Kind Of Laser Is Used For Rosacea Today?

What Kind Of Laser Is Used For Rosacea Today?


The appearance of rosacea on your face can be a very disheartening event. You may have thought that because your father, or your grandfather had it, that it may have genetically bypassed you. If this is something that has recently occurred in your life, you should know that there are many treatments that can potentially prevent this condition from showing up every day.

You know that by going out into high winds, going outside in extreme heat or cold, your face is simply going to get red. If you are older, you have probably noticed that pustules are papules have appeared, even showing up on your nose, making it a little bigger than it was before.

Rosacea TreatmentTo get control of this before it starts to take over completely, you should consider the many treatments that are available, one of which includes laser treatments for rosacea.

We will look at the treatments that you might consider, and habits that you might want to adopt in order to keep this condition at bay, and also what type of laser is used for rosacea treatments by most professionals in this industry.

Why People Get Rosacea

Understanding how people get rosacea would be easier if they actually knew what caused the problem to begin with. There is very little known about the causative factors of this skin disorder, but they do know a few things. First of all, it is genetically inherited in most cases, the result of having some European descent, and is something that you can manage throughout your life.

There are some theories that it is the result of blood vessels, capillaries that are running very close to the top of your skin which can show up when you are stressed, after eating a heavy and spicy meal, or simply going outside on a cold day.

The other possibility is that it is a bacterial condition, one that is the result of feces left by Demodex mites that are living in your skin, mites that for some reason get out of control. Regardless of what causes it, there are certain treatments that tend to work most of the time to address the symptoms of this disorder.

Treatments That Work With Rosacea

Rosacea CreamRosacea can be treated, at least symptomatically, by using certain types of creams.

Companies like Zenmed have been producing all-natural creams that have been shown to calm down the skin, make it less red, and even diminish the flakes and bumps that can occur with a severe rosacea breakout.

There are a couple different types of rosacea including Papulopustular rosacea which will cause the bumps to occur, or ocular rosacea which affects the eyelids and eyes.

The most common type is erythematotelangiectatic rosacea, the one that leads to permanent redness, rosacea that will cause your entire face to get red even if you are a little bit nervous or stressed, making it very difficult to fill confident about interacting with people or going outside. One treatment that can work outside of the prescription drugs or Zenmed cream that is available is the use of lasers.

What Kind Of Laser Is Used For Rosacea?

treatments with IPLLaser treatments are being used much more often by modern science to treat a number of different conditions and diseases.

For those that are suffering from premature aging, it can actually go after those fine lines, removing the upper layer of skin, and when it heals back, people look much younger.

It is used for people that have acne, helping to remove dead skin cells that can cause acne to occur. To treat rosacea with lasers.

Pulsed dye lasers, or intense pulsed light lasers are used by dermatologist to treat this condition, and also find out more information about why it is actually occurring.

Now that you know that this condition is actually treatable, even if it is only for the symptoms that are caused, you can have a little more confidence knowing that you won’t have to worry about your face getting red just because you are embarrassed.

In a high wind, and that some of the more problematic aspects of rosacea such as the development of pustules and papules, might be a thing of the past by using the treatments that are available today.