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Why People With Rosacea Should Avoid The Sun And Other Flare-up Triggers

Why People With Rosacea Should Avoid The Sun And Other Flare-up Triggers


Although you may not have heard of rosacea, you’ll probably recognize some of its symptoms among people you know, it’s typically characterized by an extremely red face in which the blood vessels and capillaries have been flushed with extra blood causing the nose, cheeks and most of the central part of the face to become visibly red.

Eventually acne lesions, appearing as raised red bumps, will also present themselves in the same area of the skin, and it can also affect the eyes as well. There are quite a number of different treatments, some that work from inside and some from without, that have exhibited at least some efficacy in reducing symptoms or preventing outbreaks, plus there are some things you can avoid. Let’s go over some important tips on dealing with this affliction.

Rosacea Is More Common Than Most People Realize.

spicy foodsIt’s currently estimated that approximately 40,000,000 Americans suffer from rosacea in one form or another, and the same is true of most countries in the northern hemisphere that have lighter skin due to heredity.

Some of the first signs are a strong facial flushing, especially after eating spicy foods, consuming alcohol, dealing with stress, or drinking coffee.

However, the redness can persist long after the antagonist has cleared your system. After a period of time small pimples can present themselves, be quite painful, and normal acne treatments are completely ineffective in alleviating them.

Many People Have Observed Certain Triggers That Exacerbate The Condition.

In living with this disease, many of the people affected have observed there are quite a few different triggers that can precipitate an outbreak, or increase the symptoms that are already showing. Anything that would increase blood flow to the face such as sun exposure, extreme weather conditions.

alcoholHard exercise, consumption of alcohol, foods containing hot peppers, stressful situations and even poor quality skin care products or makeup.

People suffering from this condition are usually quite aware of the different triggers and go out of their way to avoid them at all costs.

As the outbreaks tend to last quite a bit longer than the conditions that originally caused them. In addition to triggers, there are also things you can eat, and vitamins you can take that can help lessen the symptoms, although they are not a cure, let’s examine a few of those now.

Foods You Can Eat To Help Lessen The Symptoms.

In general, most of the foods that help lessen symptoms for rosacea sufferers are part of a healthy diet, except of course for spicy foods that are considered triggers. In other words nearly all fresh vegetables and fruits are good for you and your condition, especially berries and cherries which are known to help restrict the small capillaries and reduce redness.

natural JuicesDropping hot caffeinated beverages from your diet is also a good idea, and they should be replaced with natural juices, always served cold.

Avoiding beef is a good idea, and it should be replaced with chicken or fish, and even tofu can be a great alternative. Refined grains should be avoided, while consuming as many whole grains as possible.

Special Nutrients And Vitamins That Can Help As Well.

Many people have noticed a reduction in symptoms when they consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. These have long been known to be good for your heart and circulatory system, and they appear to help this affliction as well. The exact manner in which omega-3 works is being researched, but it seems to have to do with helping decrease blood flow to the surface of the skin, while supplying extra oxygen to the local cells involved.

Omega-3 can be found in fish, whole wheat, walnuts, oatmeal, flaxseeds, olive oil, soybeans, and canola oil. The two vitamins most important for reducing symptoms are vitamins E and C taken internally, and vitamin E capsules can be broken open and applied directly to the skin to help alleviate symptoms as well.

When Choosing Skin Creams, Avoid These Ingredients.

skin creamSome skin creams can actually be more harmful than good, you should avoid creams that have fragrances, petroleum based alcohols, parabens, and triethanolamine as these can cause extra dryness and irritation of the skin.

Stay with natural anti-inflammatories in creams made especially for this condition for best results.

Drinking Extra Water Is Always Important.

Keeping your body flushed out and well hydrated is important for everyone, but especially for those that are having trouble with this disease. By drinking plenty of water you can help your kidneys keep the blood cleaner and lower in toxins which will help lessen any symptoms.

Dealing with rosacea on a daily basis doesn’t need to be a difficult task as most of the foods, nutrients and vitamins that you need to take are part of a healthy diet anyway. Additionally, many of the triggers tend to be things that most people should probably avoid as well.