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Your Face on Fire: Is Rosacea a Medical Condition?

Your Face on Fire: Is Rosacea a Medical Condition?


Of any part of the body, your face will be the first thing people notice when you interact with others. This is because it is through the face that you can see if an individual is really sincere about what they are saying. Facing the person you are talking to is easy if you are confident about how you look. But for those who are suffering with medical conditions like rosacea, interacting with their peers or strangers could be hard. This is because of the red pigmentation that covers their face.

Dealing with rosacea is never easy. In fact, you may have a hard time differentiating the papules of rosacea from common acne. Thus, it is important that you have it examined by a specialist. You will also need to have a clear idea about the different factors that trigger your particular signs and symptoms. This explains why you must have a deeper understanding about this condition in order to keep it from getting worse.

Is Rosacea A Medical Condition?

RosaceaIs rosacea a medical condition? The answer is certainly, a “Yes.” This is a chronic skin condition that results in rashes and swollen skin. The face, neck, chin and chest are the parts where these blemishes are usually present.

They may include some acne-like blisters. The only difference is that rosacea doesn’t present with blackheads or whiteheads. Still, the markings of rosacea are visible. Just like acne; this may lead to life-long disfigurements.

What Is the Main Cause Of Rosacea?

Though there are many who are affected by this health condition, the main reason why one experiences it is still unknown. Specialists are still conducting several tests to determine what really caused the inflammation of the superficial blood vessels on the face. However, the real cause is still vague. Research has pinpointed several risk factors that may cause a person to have rosacea.

Determining The Risk Factors Of Rosaceous

There are several things that patients with rosacea have in common, including:

  • Skin Mite Overgrowth. Unbelievably, these skin mites are normal floras in our skin. This means to say that they are always present in the body. Though they are like parasites, they do not pose risks to one’s health. However, a research study has said that people with rosacea have an overgrowth of these mites.
  • However, the study is still a blur, since they do not know if the overgrowth of these mites predisposes one to develop this condition, or if this overgrowth happens because of the development of rosacea. More studies are underway to determine the mite-rosacea connection.
  • Research studiesAbnormalities Of The Blood Vessels. In this health condition, blood vessels are the main target. Here, there is inflammation of blood vessels.
  • Yet the reason why this happen remains a mystery, although many theories exist. Research studies are trying to take this mystery.
  • Fair Skinned Individuals. People who suffer from rosacea are usually those who easily blush. Having lesser skin pigment, they are more prone to the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Many recognized rosacea having some sort of link to skin cancer. Being out in the sun too long can cause a number of problems, including rosacea, skin damage and skin cancer.
  • Being A Woman. Having this condition is very common to women. Women of European descent and those who are between the ages of thirty and fifty are usually the victims. Though this condition is seldom one for men to experience, still, when men do get rosacea, the symptoms are more obvious.

How To Treat And Prevent Rosacea Flare Ups

Rosacea is a skin condition that is quite common. There are still no known treatment for this disorder. This is quite frustrating, especially to those who are suffering with this condition. There is no need for you to worry, since there are ways to keep this condition from worsening.

Once you notice that your blushing seems to be abnormal, it is important that you seek some medical advice. Schedule an appointment with your doctor, so they can conduct a physical assessment. Aside from the physical exam, there will also be some history taking and diagnostic tests that you need to undergo.

Your skin doctor may also prescribe you some oral drugs and/or topical treatments. In case that the disfigurement is permanent, your doctor may also prescribe some camouflage ointment. Keep in mind that in case that you are taking medications for your blood pressure, then you need to let your doctor about it. The reason for this is that these medications will likely to cause the inflammation of blood vessels to worsen.

questionWith the question, “Is rosaceous a medical condition?” you now know what will be the answer after you have read this article. Keep in mind that though there is no known cure for this condition.

You can keep the symptoms from exacerbating, as long you are following the treatment program that your doctor has prescribed just for you. In addition, through lifestyle changes, you can manage these symptoms with ease.